Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just Another Day in Paradise!

This blogging is a funny thing. On one hand I know that anyone can read it. So, I find myself being guarded sometimes about the things I write. On the other hand my favorite blogs are written by people who seem to be so open about the things they post. It's funny to me because when I talk in person with people I am sure I tell them more than they would ever want to know, yet when I blog, it's mostly about the activities that we do together.
Okay, this self analysis is making me tired...
Today, we went to church. It's a normal weekly event for us, but today was special. It was scout Sunday, so the boys needed to wear their scout shirts to church. (I think it's a once a year thing.)
Today is also Weston's 12th birthday. Happy Birthday Weston! :D At church, it was a special day for him. At 12 the young men in our church advance from the children's classes to 'young men's classes. In our sacrament meeting they are called to the front by the Bishop, their advancement is announced and they are sustained, congratulated etc. The Bishop apparently came to the pew where Weston was sitting before the meeting and asked him if he was prepared to recite an article of faith. (There are 13 Articles of Faith, they are statements about what we as Latter Day Saints believe.) Weston told him he was, not understanding that the bishop meant he would have to do it in front of the congregation. I was not there or I would have explained it to him. The time came when the bishop called Weston up and according to my husband, Weston was caught completely off guard and looked panicked. The Bishop sat down. I guess Weston managed to pull himself together, he stood at the podium. recited the first Article of Faith. (We believe in God the Eternal Father and in his son Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost.) He then leaned forward a bit and said with great relief and appreciation to the congregation. "Thank You!" The Congregation erupted in laughter. That's our Weston. He has kept us laughing since before he could walk.
I mentioned that I wasn't at church for that. I did try really hard to get there. Thomas and I have been sick with a virus for over a week. The past few days my throat has been hurting even worse. No fever, just bad sore throat and not wanting to do much. I decided I would go and twist someones arm at the walk in clinic to do a strep swab. Unless we see our regular doctors, we are sometimes not taken seriously when strep is in our family. We do not always run fevers with strep. (Jameson has had scarlet fever twice because we thought he just had a virus. No fever, only symptom a sore throat.) Anyway, the nurse practitioner I saw did both the rapid and culture swabs. The rapid turned positive so she threw away the second swab. I love it when the doctor/practitioner that you see asks you(the patient) what antibiotic you want to take... So funny. "Um... the one that kills strep the fastest!" So, I then went to church, where I avoided talking to people, refused to shake hands, and didn't touch door knobs. If you were at church too and are now upset, I apologize and will just say, Strep is EVERYWHERE. I am just glad I went to the clinic before church instead of after so I was informed and more careful. I would have gone straight home, but Weston was also having the Aaronic Priesthood confirmed upon him. That is something that happens once in a young man's lifetime. I didn't want to miss it and I am so glad I didn't. I know the Lord loves that boy, and I know that even more after today! I also did not go home because the doctor wanted to see Thomas too(even though he was feeling better). So I sent him to the clinic before they would close. I stayed and helped Morgan with her talk in Primary. She gave a talk about Heavenly Father's creations being our blessings. (I bit my tongue, because I don't see a whole lot about strep throat that blesses my life!) :D She did fine and we met Thomas at the clinic after church. The doctor (different one) did not 'swab' him. She took one look at his throat and said. "What antibiotic do you want?" I still think that's funny! His response was pretty much like the one I gave the practitioner I saw....
I love z packs, don't you?! :D
I am now preparing to throw away all toothbrushes, all opened toothpaste tubes, and all used chapsticks, etc. Either we have a strep carrier, we are not getting the strep bug out because of some items like the ones I just mentioned, or we are just prone to contracting strep this year. I am done! Clorox cleanup and Lysol are my best friends!

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Dewey and Liz said...

Oh, I am so sorry... We have had a different virus here, and Dewey just laughs at me when I have clorox wipes in one hand and the lysol spray in the other... he has to open all the windows or leave because I guess I OVERSPRAY... but I am just trying to disinfect!!!