Monday, March 2, 2009

February 6, Continued

Jessica and Jane.

Jane's son Jordan backed up their car to load up some firewood. The ground was so wet from our recent rainy and melting snow weather that the car got stuck and we had to pull it out with the pickup. (Do you know how many years it took my husband to teach me to say 'pickup' instead of truck? In Idaho pickup trucks are called pickups, at least according to Thomas. I always called them trucks. I don't think I am the only one that does/did that! :D)
Jordan is a good sport and gave a smile for posterity!

Thomas. He's hard to miss with that hat. I call it his 'Man From Snowy River' hat. He was so happy when he finally got that hat and it really does help keep his cochlear implant dry. (Does anyone see rain in these photos? Me neither! :D ) It looks like Thomas is not the only one who likes that hat! :D


Peggy said...

Hey, I like the hat too!

Michele said...

I really do too! (Just don't tell him!) :D I just don't have much to 'rib' him about. It's such a curse being married to someone who is nearly flawless! Can you see me sighing with the back of my hand held to my forehead?
He already got the baby up and changed her, now he is unloading the dishwasher I ran last night.
Right now, I don't think I would care if he wore the silliest hat ever made! :)