Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sensitive Subject...

So, sensitive subject alert here, but I just have to blog this one.
Our family likes stand up comedy. It is nearly impossible to find a comedian that is family appropriate. As far as that goes, a comedian that is appropriate for any of us. - Going on the principle that anything not appropriate for the kids is probably not too great for us(parents) either. Anyway, there is a Christian comedian that we sometimes watch together. A more recent viewing of this particular jokester had a reference to a particular scripture in Psalms that referred to a disease in the loins...
So, today on the way home from church my 11 year old mentioned that and said she had actually looked up the scripture and, sure enough, that was what it said. (I personally had had no doubts, Psalms has some pretty unusual stuff...) I then told her that it was really unbecoming for a young lady to be talking and/or joking about that particular subject. Then came the question. "Why" Answer-"Well, today the connotation would be that someone probably has an STD. You know what that is don't you?" the 12 year old brother-"A sexually transmitted disease." Me-"Yes, you know how someone gets an STD don't you?" The obvious answer came, and then I asked something like, "And when is it okay to have sex?" Don't ask me why those words passed through my lips. I was either inspired, or I just was NOT THINKING AT ALL. But to my HORROR, my 11 year old, who has had 'the talk' more than once, answered very sweetly and matter-of-factly,

"When we're 16."

I am driving...and I still turn to look at her directly in the eyes. She must have seen something in my face that told her to change her answer, so she said


Another look from me and then I said, how about when you are married, and it's something a person should only share with their spouse.

"Oh, yeah, that's what I meant. Although, 16 is pretty young to get married."

Funny and Horrifying at the same time.

I realize that our children are extremely sheltered, but we are pretty open with them about the 'private' subjects. I know she wasn't really thinking when she answered my question. But, just to be safe, we have decided to push back how old she has to be before she dates(it was going to be at 16) by several years!!!!!! Maybe even a decade.
Thanks for checking the blog. :D


Shelly said...

Which comedian is it? Our best luck is with Brian Regan (sp?).

I'm loving the "16" comment. I tell my kids they can't date until their 20. At one point someone asked me how old I was when I got married... um... 20, but that's not the point.

Dejah said...

I didn't really start dating until I was 24 - she should hold out til after high school for sure. But thanks for sharing, that made me laugh out loud.

Kim said...

Love it! We also enjoy Brian Reagan, I think we have a DVD if you want to borrow it.