Tuesday, January 17, 2012

German Pancake Tacos

I know, I know....the name doesn't sound like it makes sense. But, after I made this for dinner tonight, it was such a hit that I am writing it in my blog so I can remember it! Our friend, Tamera Hope, turned us onto German Pancakes a couple years ago. Our whole family loves them and there is an easy excellent recipe here. http://allrecipes.com/recipe/german-pancake/detail.aspx
For the 'tacos' we sprayed a 13x9 inch glass pan with pam and poured 2 tbs melted butter right in the middle of the pan. If you don't spray with pam first the pan is a major pain to clean! But it is super easy to clean up if you spray the pan before you put in the butter! I know from experience!
With our handy hand held mixer we whipped together 1 cup each of milk and flour, 1/2 tsp salt and 6 eggs. We poured the mixture in the prepared pan and baked it at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.
I pulled it out of the oven and cut it into 8 pieces. Placed each piece on a bed of spring mix lettuce on each person's plate. Added some taco meat that was leftover from the night before. A small sliver of cheese, a spoon of salsa and of sour cream, and a bit of avocado for each plate. If I would have thought about it I could have added black beans, and we also like onion at our house. If I didn't have taco meat I might use a bit of canned chicken on each.
Anyway, that was it. My husband said he thinks he is asking for this for his birthday dinner.
Oh, and to be honest. I really didn't make the pancake part. Jen(9) prepared the pan and Morgan(11) made and cooked the pancakes. I just pulled out the pancake when it was done and assembled everyone's plate.
The taco meat I prepared for a party yesterday. I browned 5 pounds of ground beef. I drained off excess fat, added a few cups(maybe 3) cups water and about a cup or so of dehydrated refried beans. I could have used a can of refried beans instead, but I am always happy to use things from my food storage! I added taco seasoning to taste(sams club monster size container), and about a cup of red salsa. cooked it till the water was absorbed by the beans or cooked off. People at the party seemed to like the meat on their 'super nachos'. The added ingredients seemed to keep it from all 'gelling' together so we could scoop it out of the crock pot easily throughout the day.

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