Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sibling Bonds

     It was sometime after 2:30 in the morning and I was awake.  Nothing really unusual about that, I am often awake by 2 or so and have a difficult time returning to that blissful land of slumber.  Putting aside my issues with insomnia, or taking advantage of them, I was using my phone to go over my lesson for Relief Society later today.  The house was pretty quiet, the gentle yet cold rain outside on this early February morning intensifying my appreciation for the cosy -and heated- bed I was laying in.  Then, I heard Kaylyn, 5, waking up crying 'no no' and other things.  Putting aside what I was reading I jumped up and hurried to her room.  I knelt by her bed, where she was sitting in tears.  I asked her what was wrong.  She could barely speak through her sobs.  I finally came to understand that she had had a bad dream.  She said she and 'Wubba'( short for Wubba Bear, a family name for Weston-one which I'm sure most teenage boys would have demanded their family stop using-but not Weston.  That kid has the greatest heart!  But I digress...)....  Anyway starting over, she said that she and Wubba had been together doing something and then he left her and went into the night sky.  She didn't want him to go but he had to and, in those few moments she was telling me the story, she was quite inconsolable.  So much so, it took me awhile to decipher what she was saying.  I finally took her into the boys' room and awakened Weston so he could tell her he was right here and did not 'leave her by going into the night sky'.  She went straight to him, climbed on his lap and hugged him.  He held her close for a few minutes then I took her back to bed-even then she was still a bit reluctant to leave him.  After a few minutes of snuggling, Mr. Sandman did his magic and she was sleeping again. 
     I'm not sure why I am writing about this.  It's quiet here and I have the time right now.  But so many wonderful things happen in our lives and I let them pass without making any record, and then I write about my 5 year old waking from a bad dream.  It may be incidental, but this short experience just added to my gratefulness that our children have bonds and love for their siblings.  This is true in so many families but there are also families where the sibling bonds are not strong.  I hope and pray our children will always have these strong bonds with each other. 

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Sarah Burgoyne said...

I love this story. I too am so glad my girls have each other :)