Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August 12, 2008

OK, so we are only a little full of ourselves! But hey, eight rhymes with great. If we were 4 we could be poor, or 2 we could be blue, or 9 could be fine. If anyone is wondering, no we are not going for nine! The great 8 works really well for us!
I have been wanting to start something like this for some time. I tried a 'my space' after some encouragement from one of my sisters. That was fine but I have been looking for something we might like better. A friend suggested this site today, maybe this will be it. We are in the middle of canning season. Peaches and peach jam are being processed this week. Thomas' parents are coming for a visit soon and so we are trying to organize some before they get here. Those two activities and the children's activities are keeping us pretty busy right now. It's funny to start a blog at a time when nothing exciting is happening. Earlier this summer Morgan and I went on a wonderful trip to San Francisco. Thomas had a cochlear implant implanted. Morgan was baptized. My father also got about 75 baby chicks for the children to help him raise. He is going to let the boys sell their eggs when they start laying. It is nice knowing we will be getting fresh eggs from free range chickens and not ones that have to spend their lives in little metal cages. Now the summer is winding down, we registered the children for school yesterday, and we are getting back to 'business as usual' here at the Eliason house.

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