Friday, August 15, 2008

Over the Hill, Or Maybe Not!

This is a quick one 'cause I am leaving with the children soon. I turned 40 yesterday, it came and went like all my other birthdays have and, in the end I am feeling lucky to be 40. Some people don't get the chance to turn 40. I never thought it would bother me like it does some people, but the day before my birthday I told Jameson(13) that I was going to be old tomorrow. He replied, "No, you're not old til you're 50." I laughed and he was actually a little offended and said. "I'm serious, it's a fact, everybody knows that!" So, in light of my new found wisdom, I have another 10 years until I am old. Now that I've said that, I am sure one of the children will push that age back another 10 years when this decade has passed. So, I guess I will never be old. I will just pass my years until I have none left and pass from this world a young albeit fairly weathered woman! Chuckle chuckle. What would we do without the wisdom, love, and unintentional humor of our children?

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Sarah Burgoyne said...

That is so cute, it's nice when your children make you feel young rather then old. I can't believe your belly flopper is Jensen! She looks so grown up and your new little one is adorable. You can tell she's an Eliason :) I think anyone who can handle a family of eight is Gr8 :)Welcome to the world of blogging!