Sunday, January 4, 2009

Warmth against the cold for Christmas!

Here are some photos of the project I was working on for the girls for Christmas.

In late November, I found fun fur yarn at the dollar store. I picked some up and combined them with some yarn I had stored to make some scarves and hats for the girls. I also made a set for one of our neighbor girls. I enjoyed doing them but wish I had discovered the great price on the fun fur yarn a few months earlier! December is a month that is busy enough without making extra projects for myself! The boys received undershirts and Sunday socks as an 'equivalent' gift. (Although I couldn't really tell them I had knitted love into their gifts....they may look a little more loved when they attend church now!) :)
This is an extra set with hats in two different sizes.

Please ignore the Christmas morning floor.
I am including this photo because it shows the 4th nerve palsy Megan has in her left eye. (We think that is something that developed from her chemotherapy.) Her left eye jumps when she looks off to the side. While we wish she didn't have any after effects of chemo, this is a small issue compared to complications some children-and adults-can and do develop.
In this last photo Kaylyn is already protesting the hat and scarf!


محمد said...

it,s amazing , happy new year.

Sarah Burgoyne said...

Wow I'm impressed. Knitting is a skill that I have yet to figure out. The girls look really cute :)

Andrea said...

You are amazing, Michele! Come teach us how to knit.

Kim said...


Jennifer said...

Wow! And that yarn is NOT easy to work with! You should be very proud!