Monday, December 22, 2008

Everyone Should Have a Weston in Their Family!

This is one of those things that I should probably not blog about, but can't help myself. It's just too least to us.

Here is our Weston. I may be biased, but he's a pretty good looking kid. Looks like a happy, well adjusted, and fairly bright young man. Right?...

Well, he was sitting at his desk at school twisting his hair around his finger. He fell out of his chair and the hair that was wrapped around his finger was pulled right out of his scalp! Yep. That is the kind of thing that happens to Weston. He has rich experiences in life that usually cannot even be duplicated by other, less talented, individuals. One great thing about Weston is that even when these experiences turn out to be less than pleasurable, he can laugh about them. Which, of course, gets the rest of us laughing too. We all gave him a hard time about wanting to look even more like his Dad. That, of course, wasn't as funny to Thomas! :) Our lives would be much less interesting and we would be deprived great entertainment if we didn't have Weston in our family.


Jennifer said...

Too funny! I think he is adorable even with the bare spot!!! :)

Andrea said...

Michele, you got me all wrong on the birth thing. I don't think it needs to be either/or-- I don't think we should all be forced to birth in the hospital, and I don't think it's wrong if a woman wants to for whatever reason. You did see that I myself was a scheduled c-section. (of course, it was necessary because of the episiotomy that my doc gave me with Tori, which I told him I didn't want, which he told me I didn't get, which my husband watched him perform... Then having 3 more kids in 3 years after that made that place all the more prone to tearing...)

I think it's great that we have modern medicine to help us when we need/want it. But when it's forced upon us, that's another thing. There was a time when doctors weren't so great at birth, and many women died or suffered greatly because of it, because they were forced. It was completely needless. Doctors have only finally caught up to midwives when it comes to rates for low risk pregnancies. They have only improved things for the high risk birth-- situations like yours. And thank goodness! Thank goodness they have perfected the c-section for those who need it, but thousands of women didn't have to die for them to learn this. And I definitely don't think it's good that women have all these procedures unnecessarily today, especially if they DO NOT WANT THEM. They come with their own risks and side effects. Had doctors and midwives worked together, learned from each other, offering women care at home for the low risk woman, and care in the hospital for the high risk, those women wouldn't have died, and we'd have much better care for women today. But our country has the worst rates in the developed world.

If a woman wants that epidural before she even hits her 3rd trimester, more power to her. But she should know the risks, and she should be able to choose for herself. Of course, another part of the problem is that people sue doctors every time something goes wrong, so doctors are afraid to let women make their own choices. We should take responsibility for the choices we make, including the inherant risk that always comes with choosing to have a baby. However, doctors shouldn't have so much power over us that we make our choices in fear of having the government brought into our lives.



Andrea said...

And everyone should have a Weston in their family. I'd love one. :)

Dewey and Liz said...

OUCH!! Hopefully it will all grow back very quickly!!!

Michele said...

I'm sorry that you thought I misunderstood you. I thought I said that I agreed women should have a choice and I think it is important for women to be educated. I intended to share that I had issues with doctors and hospitals with the birthing of our babies also, but then got off in a tired tangent about my gratefulness for modern technology etc(because I am). With this blogging, I have a hard enough time keeping focussed in the day time, let alone late at night. :) Fatugue...Just one of the perils of being a mom....You know, that all encompassing role that I am SOOOO Grateful for!