Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tis the season continued

Kaylyn is up with a fever tonight. Kaylyn is I am up too! A little middle of the night uploading of photos to the blog. Thanks to Kaylyn I have more time to blog than I thought! :)

More photos with FAMILY. :)

As you scroll down, you will see that: Aunt Jessica is loved!... We have beautiful sun rise experiences here in Illinois. Jensen is a girl who takes matters into her own hands. We put our tree up within a few days after Thanksgiving, but it stood there for two weeks with no decorations. So one day, Jen took paper and scissors and cut out many beautiful snowflakes to decorate the poor neglected tree! I think it turned out beautifully and I would have been content to leave the tree like that for the season. (An indication I am feeling a little burned out??) But, we did finally pull out some decorations and have brought a little more of the festive Christmas spirit into our home. :) Also, Kaylyn loves her baths. The children participated in the Nativity play at church. We had two angels, Joseph, and a queen. Jameson had a ball game that night.

I am creeping up on getting caught up. I need to locate a few photos of the children in the play and of the van that I wrecked earlier this month. Yeah, that's a fun story too....OK, it's not a fun story, but everyone is OK and that is something we are all thankful for.

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