Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tis the season...to have no time for blogging!!

Well, the title says it all, really. But for family and anyone else who may wish to hear more here is a bit about our lives the past month and a half. The more we have to blog about, the less time we have to blog about it. We have been going constantly for weeks now. 5 of the children were in the junior high play, so we have had many practices. Jameson is on the basketball team which has daily(during the week) practices or games. I have also been working on a project for the girls for Christmas.
Below are photos of some of the things we've been up to. We went trick-or-treating. I took a few photos, then forgot I had the camera the rest of the night. No photo of Weston here. He was too busy running ahead to prey on more of our village residents for confection of every kind.

Kaylyn, riding in style on her first Halloween.

Jensen turned six. We had pizza, and cake and ice cream at Papa's house. She put her own candles on her cake!

Pizza Anyone??

A few weeks later Kaylyn had her first birthday. It's a tradition in our family to put the whole birthday cake in front of the one year old just to see what they do with it. With so many siblings with birthdays before hers, Kaylyn knew exactly what to do with it!

You may not be able to tell, but we were trying to get Kaylyn to blow the candle here...(Mom eventually helped.)

Aunt Peggy, and her three children came to stay at Papa's for Thanksgiving. Aunt Jessica, Uncle Mark, and Uncle Paul came a little later too. Here, Hailey has the first blue/green egg laid by one of the Arucana chickens.

The holiday concert/play season officially began and here is Jensen at her Thanksgiving play. Does she look like a pilgrim?

Daddy and Kaylyn at the play.

Haven, Morgan, Hailey, and Megan.

Papa and the boys.
Jensen on stage. She really seems comfortable in the spotlight!

What's a holiday without pajama parties with cousins??

We went out the day after Thanksgiving to get a few photos of the family.

Peggy and Paul sure have a cute family!

I'm still not caught up, but I am getting closer!.... :)


Elizabeth said...

I can't believe how grown up Peggy's kids are.

Lisa R said...

Wow I can't believe your baby is 1! Wow! Looks like you have been doing lots of fun stuff. I can totally relate to what you said about the more fun things you do the less time you have to blog about them! :)

Andrea said...

Michele- you have THE most gorgeous children!

Kim said...

Great pictures! Hailey is beautiful!

Peggy said...

Hey Chele, since I was apparently not in a picture taking mood... consider these photos stolen.

Jennifer said...

LOVE the photos!!! So glad to see you are blogging again! :)

I had to crack up at the photo of the pilgrims and the one pilgrim is wearing a black guitar t-shirt!!! Too funny!