Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fun Looking Easter Recipe

The children are all out of school Thursday and Friday this week. We also have one extra child with us on most of the days the children have no school. I was thinking tonight that I need to come up with a project to do with them. I think we are expecting rain then so we really need a little structure if we are all going to be inside together...
I received an email which included several Easter recipes.

I think I have decided on a version of the following recipe with the 'nests' made big enough to sit little 'peeps' chicks on them. I thought I had an original idea until I saw someone else has already used the peeps in a different nest recipe. Oh well, maybe I will have an original idea tomorrow! ;)

They look fairly easy and I think the children will have fun making them. There are additional recipes with rice crispy treats etc. for the nests. I just liked these because they look a little more like a nest, at least in the photo. I will post later with photos if we actually accomplish this goal. :)

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Kim said...

It is good to have a goal...they look great!