Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jensen and Those Pesky Head Bumps

So today I took Megan to see her oncologist for a scheduled appointment. Megan continues to do great! I took Jensen as well and just asked the doctor if he thought the 'bumps' on her head are something I should be concerned about. Should I have her seen again or to stop stressing over them. He proceeded to give her a full physical exam and ask me questions.

"No they have not always been there."

"No she is not running fevers, or having problems with bruising, or headaches etc."

Of course he then, in giving her the exam, discovered her shin bones with their numerous bruises and mentioned them...Jensen is a busy rambunctious girl and has those normal shin bone bruises associated with her level of activity. She doesn't have any bruises that don't want to heal.

He checked her lymph nodes, her spleen, liver, etc. and seemed to find, or not find, pretty much what I had or had not found. He then told me that they were probably benign lumps but that he was going to contact Jensen's regular pediatrician and share with him some things about the examination today. He did have a name for them but I can't remember off the top of my head. He wanted to get an x-ray. He also told me to call him if there were any changes; fever, more/bigger bumps, bruising etc.
He said to Jensen to try not to think about her bumps. Our six year old then responded with obvious exaggeration and sighing; (For those of you who know Jen this will make perfect sense.) "It's hard not to think about the bumps when my mom feels them every day-ay!" Holding back his laughing the best he could the doctor then told her, "Well you just try not to think about them and I will talk with your mom!" So much for my telling her to let me do the talking to the doctor! That whole 'children sitting quietly' idea would be incomprehensible to our Jensen!

So, we will see the oncologist again in two months. Our pediatrician may see her again between now and then. I am supposed to check the bumps on Jensen's head when I wash her hair.

The doctor talked to me about our insurance. (He wanted to make sure that adding her to his clinic(She has never been seen there before.) is something that would be covered by the insurance and he had her name added to their records.

All in all I feel much better. I feel better because the bumps were given at least a potential name with that wonderful 'harmless' word attached to it. I feel better because I know the doctor gave Jensen a thorough exam. He is a thorough doctor.

I no longer have that phrase, "I have no idea what they are." running through my brain. Not to mention that the doctor also did not make me feel foolish for being concerned about the bumps on her head.

Now, on to the next few days and Easter/soccer activities. :D

Today has been a good day.

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