Friday, September 25, 2009

Kaylyn tells 'Doctor Dad' she thinks she is sick.

Thomas sent this photo to me a few mornings ago. I had taken Jameson to his early morning seminary class and Thomas was at home getting the others ready for school.
We have had a virus in our house since last Saturday, beginning with Jensen and Megan having sore throats and fevers that day. The virus has been moving through every one of the children this week. Megan and Jen missed 3 and 4 days of school due to the fever. Anyway, there has been much temperature checking and pampering of those who 'do not feel good' in our house this week. Kaylyn, 22 months old will not to be left out of anything that goes on. Being a through and through younger sibling she laid her little body in Mom and Dad's bed and put the thermometer in her mouth in true imitation of so many of her siblings. She was telling her 'Daddy' that she was sick...
She did end up getting sick(maybe from sticking that germ infested thermometer in her mouth-who knows!), but is doing better now.

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