Thursday, March 25, 2010

Trip to Mississippi Continued...

It was fun seeing all the kids playing together.

Jacob in the middle of a video game with Jameson.

Another Park..

We often find Weston getting a little time to himself.

He is usually the one who discovers things that the rest of us miss. This poor insect was donated to science. A mom at the park asked Weston if she could take it home for her child's insect collection/science project.

Jacob and Kaylyn

C'mon Kay, you can win!

I love that our children are usually entertained easily!

This has to be one of Jameson's favorite shirts. We like to BELIEVE that he thinks it's funny and even at 14 does not quite take himself THIS seriously! :D

Haven made some muffins and then fell asleep .
leaning against her couch! I think we wore her out! Uncle Paul took weston our for one more round of paintball too. We had such a great time

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