Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Flu Season Already?

Last week we brought Megan home from church with a temp somewhere over 103. We took her to the Pediatrician the next day who confirmed it was just a virus. Last night we went to the ward camp out. (We had already decided not to stay over night because a pretty significant rain was forecast. - Call me a wimp if you want but, 8 wet sleeping bags, 8 wet pillows, and 6 possibly wet/muddy/cranky kids...) I noticed Kaylyn seemed warm as we sat around the campfire, she was also just snuggling with anyone who would hold her. Sure enough, when we got home, she had a temp over 102. Glad we came home instead of camping, eh? She continued to run a fever this morning. The boys got up achy and running fevers too. Today we were going to go to the Illini game as a family, Papa included. We have gone to a 'Special Spectators' tailgate and game every fall for the past several years. It's a fun family activity. Thomas, Papa, and the three girls who are NOT sick left just a bit ago. (Yes, I am pouting a little.) I get a little bummed out when we miss out on family activities. I was so looking forward to just being together and doing some fun things this weekend. So, the boys and Kay have some Disney movie on in the living room and I put a Star Trek movie in. If we could just be productive when we're sick, maybe it would almost be worth it! :D


Greg said...

We missed seeing all of the Eliasons at this year's tailgate, but glad that the girls and Dad and Papa made it. Especially since they gave me such a "unique" face painting this year. :)

Hope y'all are feeling better!

Greg Carroll
CME Group

Michele said...

Thanks Greg, you're so kind. I heard about the face painting and am sorry the rest of us missed it! You, and everyone else who put on the special spectators tailgate do such a great job! If you have any pictures you can share we would really appreciate some. (I took some of the kids to Starved Rock a few days after the game and our camera was taken while we were there.) Sad. I hadn't uploaded photos from it for a few weeks.

The gils, Thomas, and my Dad all had a great time!

Thanks, Michele

Greg said...

Yes, shoot me an e-mail with your contact info and I'll send you the photos.

I can be reached at