Friday, February 18, 2011

Diabetes Strikes Again!

Yesterday, Weston's was diagnosed with diabetes. It was 5 days before his 14th birthday. I ran him into the doctor's yesterday morning office for a quick ear check. He had been having pain in his right ear for two days. We also asked the doctor about a few things that have been of concern for us recently for Weston. Without going into detail about all of his symptoms. (Some respect for a teen boy who would rather not have all his personal data broadcast...) We received a call from the pediatrician telling us Weston's U/A showed no sign of infection but was abnormal and that he had diabetes. He told us to take him straight to the ER/ED where they were expecting us. We spent several hours in the ER before he was admitted to peds. We were up most of the night and Weston's blood sugar was monitored and we received diabetic education. He's been released this evening with a follow up appt with both his pediatrician and a pediatric endocrinologist.
When I did a quick glucose test for him before we headed to the hospital last night, his blood sugar was 447. His hmgA1C was 12. They are treating him as if he is type 1 and have told us he will be on insulin for the rest of his life. His current regimen consists of blood tests 5 times a day, fast acting insulin injections 3 to 4 times a day, and a long acting insulin injection at bedtime. So a minimum of 9 sticks a day....
Weston has really taken all of this in stride. Every day our children amaze me in so many ways and Weston has never been an exception to this. I am sure we will learn more when we go to see the specialist.
Thanks for checking in!
Michele, and all the Eliasons :D

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