Friday, March 11, 2011

Marital Bliss

Okay, fair warning for anyone who becomes ill at sappiness...omit this read.
We had a busy day, up at 4 again to leave early for an appt with the 'diabetes educators' in Peoria. We got back just in time to pick up Kaylyn from Kim's(thanks again Kim! she would have driven m nuts today!!!), pick up the girls from home and school(two stayed home this a.m. with one throwing up), leave a quick note and cash for Jame who was coming home and leaving again, and drop off a couple kids (one of them being the sickest one from this morning)at the farm. We headed out to county market to take advantage of a two day sale they were having.
Thomas met me there and we purchased a few groceries at a savings of about 57%. Yay! We went our separate ways again and as I was driving home I realized I hadn't even thought about dinner, and it's 5:30...So my lovely brainstorm was 'Friday night pbj's'! Sounded great to me. Least expensive pizza at that time on a Friday night would be the 3 for 5.55 each at dominoes. (We've done that deal a time or two....or once or twice a month.)
The thing that made my day is when I called Thomas to run the idea of 'Friday night pbj's and movies in our PJ's' by him, not only was he OK with it, HE WAS THRILLED!
It sounds like such a simple thing but I think those are the kinds of things that make life so enjoyable when you're married. I have heard before that 'there is nothing sexier than the sight of the back of a man at the sink washing dishes'. I would add to that, the sound of a man who can be excited about pbj's for dinner!
To top it off, I got the loaf of bread for free and the jar of peanut butter for 99 cents and we used less than half of that! I made the jam with produce from the farm so not super cheap but made by me with produce locally, and cheaply, harvested!
So dinner for 8-50 cents plus the investment of the homemade jam. (grapes and carrots too). I am a happy girl! And I am so grateful for such an easygoing husband!