Sunday, June 19, 2011

Family Photos.

We have a working camera again! I'm sure our youngest child is going to wonder why there are fewer photos of parts of her childhood.... Between business and burgled and broken cameras we are spotty picture takers at best.
Last week we went out to take some posed pictures of the kids. I don't know why I envision photo shoots as being an experience where our children all stand/sit/lay/kneel, or whatever position we ask them to be in, then look at the camera and just smile. Every time we take picture it takes FOREVER to get something where even some of the children are looking and smiling at the photographer simultaneously! I've been a mom for nearly 16 years pictures of my children....but seriously dread planned photo shoots!......(I'd seriously rather clean my toilets.)
Anyway, we did get a shot or two and about time, it's been awhile since we had them all sit together for a picture.
As you can see, some looking and smiling, some looking down or away. Moving limbs, pasted smiles.
Even looking constipated...sorry Jen! :D
But patience wins out and we finally get one. Just so you know, there were dozens that were taken that I am not displaying. Oh, and I REALLY wasn't very patient but I was persistent! :D
They always want some goofy shots at the end too. (Like we didn't get enough of those in the process!) :D
"Huge Sigh"

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