Saturday, September 20, 2008

Grandma and Grandpa go home and our Homecoming parade.

Thomas' parents left yesterday. We had an extremely busy week while they were here and I am really tired. One week isn't long enough when it's been two years since we have seen them. I don't envy their drive back to Idaho! When we travel out west I never mind the drive out. The drive home always seem to take so much longer than the drive out.

Our homecoming was today. Megan, Morgan, and Weston were in the parade. The girls with the cheerleaders and Weston with the football players. I had to run to the store at the last minute to get some candy for them to throw from their floats. I guess they were all supposed to bring a bag, somehow I miss little details like that. (I will pay better attention to details in my next life!....I guess I need to stop using that line since I don't believe in reincarnation.) You'd think with three children who needed it I would have somehow gotten the message! Putting my spaciness aside, I am really glad we live in a small town where tossing candy in a parade has not yet been banned. I am beginning to sound old but I like the idea that my children can still experience some of the fun things that Thomas and I had and/or did when we were children.

Some of the things we did are not even legal now. I remember, during band camp one year, driving a dozen friends around for lunch. The back seat was removed from our 4x4 and they all sat around the floor in the back. We just drove a few blocks for lunch or whatever. The band director told us one day that he was following us out of the parking lot and we only had a couple inches of clearance from the ground in the back end of the 4x4. And yes we did at least one Chinese fire drill(I am sure we did several.). If you tell me you don't know what that is, you will make me feel very old so just pretend that you do!
We decided to skip the homecoming game tonight. The week has just been too full and busy and none of the kids are in high school yet. We had to let a few things go this week just to survive. I fell asleep early which is why I awakened at about 2 am and now have a chance to update the blog. Insomnia can be a well used tool! I spent money on candy today (too much money!)to get the chance to watch Jensen (and Jameson too) scavenge for candy tossed on the ground. Who says small town living isn't great!

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Dewey & Liz said...

Chels, I know exactly how you feel. I hope that my kids can do some of the things I was able to do... and I am glad we are out of Utah which is trying to get a booster law past for 10 and 100 lbs!!! On our family trips we would make bed in our huge van and everyone would get comfy and sleep the whole way. My kids usually don't sleep more than an hour or two scrunched in their seats!! Darn changes!!! Hope you all are doing well, you all look good! Email me at sometime! - Liz Cook