Thursday, September 25, 2008

September 25, 2008

Okay, I don't think the stars that I said were a dipper were. Back pedaling to the fact that there is so much I don't know! Anyway, the stars were beautiful again this morning. It was pretty hard to haul my old, sore, and tired carcass out of bed this morning but the beautiful weather cooperated and makes me glad I did. As I was coming home, I saw the brightest falling star I have seen in a long time. It was so bright that I continued to see it as it fell behind some trees until the foliage of the trees finally became so thick that it did disappear. I also found a better site to view sky maps.
At this site you can choose a nearby city and then plug in a time that you are viewing and you can get fairly accurate sky maps. After all my googling, I thought it was pretty cool. I am sure it would work better with a faster Internet connection. We have the oh, so, antiquated dial-up. Frustrating, but, grateful to have Internet!
I wrote about picking apples this last weekend. Those same apples are in my kitchen(three 5 gallon buckets), and on my front porch(two of those big plastic tubs with the rope handles). Plus a few more trees in need of being picked. Guess what we are doing over the next two days? Yep, applesauce. I really don't enjoy the canning process but it is so nice when Autumn has come to an end and we have dozens of pretty jars lined up to get us through another year. Plus, with the applesauce, it's just apples. No sugar added and it tastes great because the apples are picked and processed when they are ripe. Oh, and because they are grown on my father's farm, they are free. How can we let something like that go to waste??? Have you seen the price of a bag of apples recently? I am not even going to talk about bananas! We don't grow those so I do pay the 65 or more cents a pound about once a month for those organic pieces of gold. Some ripe bananas were on sale for 35 cents a pound last week. Helloo banana bread! I am pretty sure my family can get some potassium from eating banana bread too. I guess I did talk about bananas after all. Okay, miss Kaylyn has become mobile. I have moved her twice and she is, for a third time, out of my sight and sounding too happy about finding anything and everything not meant for a baby.

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