Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Painful Little Secret!

Okay, I am going to spill my secret right here on this blog. This is something I haven't wanted to post because I am afraid I wont stick with it and posting it will mean I am not going to be the only one who knows I failed-if I fail. I am not a secret keeper, not my own. I can keep a friends secret just fine but my life is an open book. Here's a page from it....Thomas and I began talking several weeks ago about preparing for a 5k next year. I am so far gone-out of shape-used up-exhausted and old it will take at least a year to prepare for a 5k. ;) Anyway, I made myself start jogging(more like walking with a pathetic little bounce added in every step!) yesterday. I actually stuck with it again this morning. My best trick is to go before the sun has risen enough to add any light to the sky. That way, I feel I can preserve my self esteem just a little. So flashlight, dog, and mp3 player in tow I have headed out the past two mornings. We have had great weather. I am appreciating the weather and wondering how committed I will remain when it is much colder, wetter, and even when things warm up again and it will be hot and humid out....Pause to bring myself back to focusing on today! So, as I stated I have miraculously or pathetically(depends on your perspective) made it through two days of morning jogs. Is there something somewhere that says that when you are forty beginning an exercise program will hurt you so much in the beginning that that in and of itself will be a mountain you need to overcome. I AM SORE!!! Exercising when you are out of shape helps you to find muscles, ligaments, and joints you never knew you had or ones that have long been forgotten. Maybe even ones you never wanted to know about anyway, at least if finding them means you need to be in pain! OK, I think I have the whining out of my system, at least until Thomas gets home. If you read this before 3 no fair texting him or calling him and telling him not to come home! I will find you and you can hear more of my whining personally! :) Kaylyn is fussing so I will quit here. Hopefully, the next time I post I can at least report that I am still torturing myself with exercise. I'd rather torture myself by eating a little chocolate! I guess that wouldn't really be torture though would it.


Sarah Burgoyne said...

Good for you! I'm doing the same thing. I hope to run a 5K in the spring. I know its hard :) I'm highly impressed your getting up so early, way to go :)

Kim said...

You should contact Becca Anderson
about training for the 5K, she has also blogged about it.

Melanie said...

What a great goal! Some of my siblings do a lot of this, but so far I haven't been so inspired. I should be, though, since it would be good for me. Thanks for sharing your experiences, painful though they may be.