Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Living in a rural area like we do, I think it is easier to have moments to appreciate nature. As I was out on my 'jog' yesterday, I saw a falling star, breathed fresh country air, and worried that we might come upon a skunk crossing the road as we(my dog and I) slowly paced down the road. Okay, I worry a little about that last one every time I am out on a country road in the dark. I don't worry about serial killers, stalkers, or just plain nutty people. I worry that I might surprise a skunk and will have to remove myself from society for a month or two. Anyway we do have many opportunities to appreciate nature. We all picked some wonderful apples this last weekend too. I went out my back door this morning and found two spider webs with spiders intact. I don't want spiders in my home or on my body but I think they are fascinating creatures. Plus, they do eat other insects that I like even less. I tried to capture the biggest web in a photo. I was in a hurry and didn't do a great job but here it is. I can't stand the feel of spider webs but think the fact that those little creatures can make them is pretty cool. This one is huge.

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Sarah Burgoyne said...

Wow, thats an amazing photo. That web looks huge!