Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Megan's Oncology Appt.

Megan had a blood draw and clinic visit today. She is doing really well. The doctor discussed residual chemotherapy effects with me again. We know they are possible but don't dwell on the fact that they occur. He also wants her to see the neuro/eye doctor again in the next few months. No major concerns, he is just being his cautious self.
We were informed today that her oncologist is cutting back on the time he spends in the oncology field. He told us it wouldn't affect us much, with the exception of possibly having to see him in different offices at different times. From what I understand though, it does mean that children now being diagnosed with cancer in this area will once again have to travel farther away (Like St. Louis, which is three hours away) to receive chemotherapy. I think that is so sad. Our life would have been so much more difficult if we would have had to travel that far for chemo one to four times a month (and even more in the beginning). Wow! We were so blessed that we were able to have Megan get most of her therapy so close to home while she was in treatment. She received her treatment in the same building that Kaylyn was born in. It is the nearest hospital/clinic to us. My heart really goes out to people who will have all that to deal with. - A child in treatment, traveling, gas prices, etc. What a stress to add to something that is pretty overwhelming to begin with.
On a brighter note, as I glossed over in the last post, Thomas' parents are visiting. It is wonderful to see them. The children are loving it. We haven't seen them for two years. This is also the first time they have been able to see Kaylyn. The time is flying by and I have not been getting much sleep so I am closing for now so I can get some rest for tomorrow!


Sarah Burgoyne said...

I'm so glad that Megan's doing well. I was again looking at the pictures of your children and it just amazes me how much they look alike. Maybe it amazes me so much because my girls especially Madelynne and Hannah don't look anything alike :)

Michele said...

That's so funny because that was something that amazed me the other day looking at pictures of your girls. They really do look so different from each other, beautiful, but really different!