Tuesday, October 14, 2008

5K Update

I am still trying to prepare for a 5k next year. So, I am trying to make time for walking/jogging/and moving in any way, anytime I can.(Okay, maybe not anytime, but more often.) I dropped the girls off at their activity tonight and walked around in the neighborhood they were in. I got some exercising in and saved gas too.(We don't live in the same town they have their bi-monthly activity in.)
It was beautiful out. Some of the walk was in a wooded area. The leaves are beginning to turn color. The air was cool, but not cold. The fallen leaves are beginning to make a blanket on the ground. As I walked through the crinkly beds of brown, yellow, and orange, the leaves crunched beneath my feet sending up wafts of that musty yet fragrant scent of Autumn. Occasionally I would walk past a Sycamore which leaves have an almost pungent smell. The sky was a patchwork of clouds with large areas of crystal blue sky. Something about this season always makes me nostalgic. I wonder why Autumn can't be 4 months long and winter 1 month. That would be a perfect world for me! :) I don't know how far I walked, it was only about 45 minutes, but it was beautiful.


Peggy said...

Keep up the good work. I think having the 5k goal is great. Pretty pics. Where were they taken at? The area does not look familiar to me ...I have only been gone for 2 years.

Michele said...

Peggy, It is a path in Mahomet. Those pictures are in an area to the north just as you cross the Sangamon on 150. The path goes over two bridges and ends up near the IGA. If you go east the path ends up in the newer subdivisions out by Carle Clinic.