Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Daddy is Kaylyn's Hero!

The last three posts have been about my morning 'jogs'. I am still doing them, "Yay me!".

Wednesdays have become a little crazy for us. Right after school until 5 Jameson has play practice(right here in town). From 6-8 Weston, Megan, and Morgan have football/cheer leading practice, about 8 miles west of us. Weston and Jameson have scouts, and young men's about 20 miles east of us. Jensen (5) and Kaylyn (10 months) get dragged along to either activity on any given Wednesday. We have allowed Weston to miss some scout meetings for a couple months to participate in football, something we never thought we would do. There are no boys Weston's age/grade in our ward(church). There may be new ones but haven't been any for a long time. We have been encouraged by his doctor to provide time for him to have social interaction with other boys his age. So, we made an exception. Thomas was just called as the 11 year old scout leader and football ends next week, so we are confident Weston will keep up on his scouts.
The past few weeks I have taken Jensen and Kaylyn with us when I take Jameson, and a few other car pool kids to the church. With all the rain we had after Ike, the mosquitoes have been pretty bad, at our last game I actually put bug spray on the baby. I put it on a wipe and just wiped her a little with it, still, UGH! Anyway, we again went to the church tonight, and I am glad we did because they would not have dealt with the 40 degree temps very well. With the gas prices I would have had a 'do I run the engine and turn the heater on while we watch the game or not?' war in my head.
Sitting in the foyer at church for an hour and a half was much more livable. Even with Jensen getting a little hyper. President Kingsley Allan played with her for about 20 minutes. He swung her around like a dance partner in "Dancing with the stars." I think that's what that show is called. She had the time of her life! I am going to have to call Jana (Kingsley's wife) tomorrow to see if he was able to get out of bed. I see a pinched nerve, or at the least a sore back in his future!
Kaylyn, our placid, calm, easygoing little girl has developed a major dislike. For the past month, if we put her in her car seat after dark, she will fuss, cry, and scream. She hates it. We usually don't use the word hate in our family. I guess it would still describe it to say she detests, abhors, or dislikes it to an extreme that has never been witnessed until now! Last week and this, our drive home was about 40 minutes more than usual because of dropping off other children. Kaylyn screamed the entire way both times. Tonight when I got home and walked into our bedroom with a baby who was still catching her breath from sobbing, she took one look at her dad, laughed, and lunged toward him from my arms. Even though he was several feet away. I am sure she was telling him all about the terrible ordeal her mother put her through. :) Poor thing! I hope she can outgrow this issue soon. It is only going to get darker earlier for the next few months and we are always needing to go for school events etc.
Thomas took her and she snuggled right in with him and fell fast asleep. I think he is her Hero!


Kim said...

I hope you are not the only driver in the carpool!! Kaylyn would also be happier if other people took their fair share at driving to the church. Sometimes you are just too nice.

mamaheidiw said...

Michelle / Chelsea!!!!!
You have been on my mind for a couple weeks now adn the only phone number I can find for you online is constantly busy except once when a fax picked up. please email me with contact info so I can call adn chat with you!!!!
by the way this is Heidi Sue (Shegrud Maker Kjersten) Watkins

Michele said...

Hey Kim,
I'll try and make sure the turns go around! We all know I am in great danger of having "She was just too nice!" written on my tombstone! Hah! Maybe driving carpool will be the one thing that tips the scale on the good outweighing the bad! I can hope anyway! :)