Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trunk or Treat?

Every year at our church we usually have an activity around Halloween called a Trunk or Treat, or a trick or trunk or something like that. There is also a chili cook off for dinner. Dinner taken care of and a fun activity for the children-a win win in my opinion. The Trunk or Treat part involves going out to the parking lot and trick or treating around where all the parents give treats from the backs of their cars.
Getting the costume on...
Kaylyn found a new friend, Becca Anderson!

I put in this photo of Morgan from 7 years ago,
And this one of Jensen from 5 years ago.

I guess I can see why some people think the children look alike. :) Kaylyn was a ladybug.
Weston was a Wizard.
If you have never played Zelda on Nintendo then you probably won't recognize Jameson's Link costume.

Our friend Cody came too.

We had a witch. Yah ha ha!!!

And a Unicorn.
And I don't know what we will do the first Halloween we have that no one decides to be a princess! Here Morgan is with a friend.

Our friend Becky with Kaylyn. We had a fun night and were exhausted when we got home.


Kim said...

Cute Pictures!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE the Link costume! I am actually up sewing a Wizard costume myself tonight!

Peggy said...

Kaylyn definitely looks like an Eliason. Aww, that ladybug looks familiar.

Lisa R said...

Very fun costumes! I miss the chili cook off and the fun games!