Friday, October 10, 2008

Applesauce Continued :)

It's plain by my title that this post is only for those who are truly bored! :) This(apples and canning) has been my life for the past few weeks. It's not that I have thought of little else. Actually, I do a really good job focusing on anything but canning, but, I finally made myself take the time to do the apples. Why is it that it is so easy to procrastinate?

Here I am picking apples, do I look like I am having fun? This is the day I went to go pick apples by myself and didn't last long. I was by myself, it was pretty chilly, and Kaylyn was in her car seat asleep. She woke up. I tried twice that day and was foiled twice, either by my laziness at wanting help with the job or by a little person who needed attention.

If you look hard you can see our dog Rose, who is great for some things, but picking apples is not on that list.

Our friends Becky and Cody Mitchell came out when the kids got out of school and helped pick. after an hour or so we had ten 5 gallon buckets filled with apples. It was great to get that done and even better to have help.

Our apples didn't magically turn red, the apples below were picked days earlier from different trees. The longer they sat, the guiltier I felt not getting them into jars. So, that's when I went back to the tree to pick even more apples(the whole scenario above)!... I'm a smart girl!

Here they are ready to be heated and sauced. I think that's the easiest part.

They are pretty! You know why? Because they are done! Yay!

This sauce is pink because of the color from the red skins. The applesauce we canned today is much more yellow/white. We had only a few red ones in the batch this time. This is the part that makes it all worth it. The only ingredient in this applesauce is apples. One thing we can eat that doesn't contain a bunch of additives.

Now, I only have to process 9-5 gallon buckets of Golden Delicious apples and one bucket of a red apple, not sure what variety. They are tart like Granny Smith. Maybe they want to become pies??

Here is Thomas helping to get the apples turned into sauce. He looks like he's having fun too!
Seriously, we are grateful for the abundance of apples this summer.

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