Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday at Negangard's Pumpkin Patch

Today was a long day. The children were out of school for a teacher improvement day and we planned to do our yearly pumpkin patch trip. We did a little shopping and breakfast, then headed to the pumpkin patch.
Okay, so it's NOT a pumpkin... Some kind of gourd or squash and Jameson's choice for the year.
Babies are so easy to please. A dollar for a pumpkin and a free wagon ride! Kaylyn had a great time.
Megan takes choosing very seriously. They look pretty similar in the photo, but when you are there, they are all very unique!
Weston with a smile and a thumbs up for his Dad.
This photo of Jameson gave me an idea. Could mean $$$! Instead of Cabbage Patch Dolls, How about Pumpkin Patch Pals....Mmmm, maybe more like Pumpkin Patch Pests???? :)
Morgan with her pumpkin and a pose.
"Um....excuse me....I seem to be buried beneath some produce....a little help here??"
Jensen was a bundle of energy. We didn't get one photo of her in the 'patch'. Here she is in time out(does the look on her face give that away?).
We left the patch and stopped at a park for cider and donuts for lunch(a family tradition). We then took the boys straight to our friend Melissa's for overdue hair cuts, then we headed home. Thomas and West turned right around and went to a scout activity, all I know is they cooked out and rode go carts. Sounds like he had a lot of fun.
We made these caramel apples from scratch. They are wicked! The caramel has the taste of a Werthers Original and it was so easy to make. The only reason they are 'puddling' is because I was afraid they wouldn't have enough caramel and I dipped some twice. That was a mistake, the caramel was plenty thick with one dip. With dinner and the caramel apples done, we canned 7 more quarts of applesauce(I mentioned that in the previous post). It was a great day!


Sarah Burgoyne said...

I LOVE picking pumpkins! We were going to go this past weekend but it was 38 degrees and raining! YUCK!! Hopefully we'll get to go this weekend :)

Elizabeth said...

Yummm, very cute pics.