Monday, October 6, 2008


After much procrastination, we are finally getting some applesauce canned. Kaylyn is not appreciating the lack of attention she is receiving. Even Megan told me a few weeks ago, "You're canning? I don't like it when you can." I asked her why. She replied, "'Cause when you are canning, that's all you care about." Pretty sad eh? I am now holding Kaylyn while I type. She doesn't think a baby who has been neglected for a portion of the day should lay in her crib alone right now. Love her tons, but it makes for awkward typing! We have only put up 20 pints. Hoping to equal that and also do many quarts tomorrow too. We'll see. Tuesdays things get busy around here. I need to talk to Megan tomorrow. I was pretty focused on the apples tonight but she was asking me question like, "Mom, if we have another great depression, will children have to work like they did in the last great depression?" She is such a serious child and worries about things. I don't really know what they are discussing in school but we will have to talk to her tomorrow. The poor thing will have ulcers by age 11 if she can't learn to chill a little bit! Of course, maybe she is just worried because she detests work so much! :) OK, if you think of me tomorrow, imagine the aroma of autumn apples cooking. Mmmm. It is nice, until you think you can never look at another apple again.


Sarah Burgoyne said...

Wow the great depression! Meagan is a deep thinker! As for applesauce. After years of helping my mom make applesauce I still can't look at apples or eat applesauce... OK it's not really that bad but you won't catch me making applesauce any time soon :)

Melanie said...

You've got a fun blog--great job! I just made applesauce for the first time this past weekend! It was fun, but we didn't make nearly as much as you did. My kids hate it when I'm on the computer--I think they don't like whatever takes us away from them.